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Three Recent Activity Holidays in Bali

For those of you who've never tried so many tourist activities such as Quicksilver Cruise in Bali, Bali Hai Cruises, Walker, Bungy Jumping, Bali and other Waterbom, maybe you have not already tried three new tourism activities in Bali, namely:

# Bali Canyon Tubing is an activity such as rafting. Here you cross a small river which was named telabah. 1 boat for one person. Along the trip on the river you will pass the derivatives are quite challenging but safe. These activities can be enjoyed in Ubud.

# Travel Glassbottom Boat and Turtle Island, is in Tanjung Benoa. If that is, the activities to see the fish in the sea Tanjung Benoa using the boat and then at the appointed place you will feed the fish. In addition, you also can go to Turtle Island (Turtle Island), to see turtles and a wide size photographs together with the turtles, snakes, bats, birds and other animals.

# Camel or Camel Safari Tourism, the in Nusa Dua, Bali. These attractions, you can walk around the coast of Nusa Du…