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Jimbaran is a beach in Bali is still one of coastline with beaches of Kuta. It is located in the southern island of Bali, about 10 minutes from Ngurah Rai International Airport. A quiet beach with vast expanse of white sand, ideal for sunbathing or just the way the road by the beach and swimming.

Jimbaran is a fishing village that was once up to now we could see many ships - a fishing boat rests in the middle of the beach and the fish market that sells a wide range of the catch of the fishermen. Lobster, oysters, clams, crabs, squid and fish assortment in various sizes .. expensive ..? of course the price is comparable to the quality of fresh fish. such as red grouper, the fish is delicious on grilled for Today on the tag of between 24-28 rb lho / Kg .. its quite right ..

Stay want ..? Around the Jimbaran beach can easily find a hotel, villa, or resort to stay. Bedroom rents range also varied ranging from Rp 350 thousand (including breakfast) up to U.S. $ 780 per night. Please adjust …

Photographing People Jakarta Tourism and Arts

If you want a holiday to the capital city of Jakarta, this mega city bertebar cheap tourist attractions you can visit. Cheap travel tips noted, from tens to a miniature museum in the capital city of Indonesia there we are. Then the folk art jakarta or it's the most famous betawi what the heck ...?. Let's explore together

Batavia or Jakarta community is very religious, the majority of the people Islam.dan Ondel betawi Ondel it is typical of folk art native Betawi Jakarta, which is made of woven bamboo doll-like in shape, height can reach 2 meters-an, initially Ondel ondel is in use to drive out the spirits that disrupt the smooth, but these usually used for the party of the people of Betawi. and the accompanying music as tanjidor.

Origin of Ondel Ondel
Ondel ondel by Betawi people described as the ancestor or danyang that maintain the safety of the villagers (to ward off evil spirits are disturbing). Ondel ondel face a mask or a mask that was given the hair fibers. for which he …