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For the first time rafting activities, Ayung river is a good place to try. As for the more adventurous who want to feel powerful again, is the choice tepat.Sungai Telagawaja River Ayung (Ayung River) is known as a place and play the best rafting in Bali and a selection of well-known operator in Indonesia.

Ayung river rafting offers a different sensation and of course very challenging to try. This river has some rapids that challenge and your adrenalin. Site for the rafting itself is approximately 10 kilometers and can be reached within 2 hours. Along the way down the swift river, you will be spoiled green landscape on the left and right. This river also has some small waterfalls that can be used for photo-photo place. Witness also the beauty of the carvings along the approximately 200 meter works by artists in Ubud which can be used as a backdrop to take pictures.

Rafting here is safe and of course accompanied by experienced instructors.

The journey from Kuta taken approximately 1 ho…

In the Kedaton Bali forest there is the kINGDOM OF MONKEYS

Kedaton forest is one of the favorite tourist sites in Bali, tourists usually visit the base kedaton after visiting Tanah Lot and Bedugul or vice versa.

kedaton forest is a temple situated in the village of Marga Strong district about 4 km from the city of Tabanan. This temple has two very interesting uniqueness. The first has four entrances to the temple is from the west which is the other main entrance of the North, East and South from which all headed to the central courtyard. The uniqueness of the second is the page which is the holiest place it is located lower than the central courtyard and the outer

In addition to the uniqueness of his temple, the location of Forest kedaton known that there are many monkeys around the temple. Hundreds of monkeys that inhabit the forest around the temple is considered something sacred by the Balinese people. The monkeys live in groups led by each of a large ape.

In addition to the monkeys, around the temples can also be found that there were no…

FATAHILLAH PARK is the old city tour in jakarta

Fatahillah Park is an icon of the Old Town in North Jakarta. Where there was once Fatahillah Park fountain as a water source in the surrounding community. Fatahillah Park is also a point to do the tourist area historically valuable cultural education. In the Garden Fatahillah we can see the activities of art, the creative activities, and tourist attractions the city with holiday atmosphere of past sensations, a fun place to tour while learning.

Park located Fathillah old buildings surrounded by museums (Jakarta History Museum, Museum of Fine Arts and Ceramics, and the Museum Wayang). The park is in the middle there is a reconstruction of the dome of the fountain, offering exciting atmosphere that makes us feel at home. Now this historical place a favorite of young kids trying to fill the time with a variety of exciting kehiatan.

For those of you who have the hobby of photographing, Fatahillah Park there are plenty of open space as a distribution of talent or hobby. This place almost e…