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AROUND at the beauty of the BALI Island by bicycle

Biking or cycling around the natural Bali Bali is bali tour package that appeals to you, who liked her, especially tourism in Bali Bali tour packages cycling with your family

Cycling Bali will bring us to watch over the life of Balinese people especially in rural areas will provide a special experience for your tour to bali, how many locations or her bike in bali bali which is ideal for cycling wista package bali cycling, bicycle or air wista Packages Bali cycling tour retreat has been packaged in such a way that this package is a fun and memorable.

Bali cycling this one may be familiar for those of you who have never had bali travel. Ubud cycling event itself will begin the morning where we will go to the beginning of this cycling tour packages bali is then along the countryside in ubud area until eventually we will end our trip with lunch. Along the way we will be served by a variety of community activities bali.

In contrast to Ubud, Cycling in the Jatiluwih or Jatiluwih cycling tou…

"RAGUNAN ZOO" famous tourist attractions in south jakarta

Want a happy child on the holidays? Surely every parent already has such a desire. Moreover, year-end holiday moment, the long-awaited moment with the children. For a lot of money anyway, no problemo .... okay well where are you going ... But for those who just "do not have much money", heheheh "enough to pay off the house", "enough to pay off the school" should .... 2-3x thinkers to choose a vacation spot that "ngepas" also in the bag.

Try deh read my review, once wrote could be a reference for a cheap holiday. This place is really suitable for kids who love to run, running around, and is guaranteed to go home to sleep pules because of fatigue.

This resort is located in South Jakarta, precisely in Ragunan. Yup, me again .... bener really a story about Ragunan Zoo. Because it is quite far from my house, our family agreed to go in the morning. At 6 right, the kids are ready, supplies were transported live dah. 6:15 hours left for us as a family w…