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"BEAUTIFUL SUNRISE" on the summit of Mount Batur

Enjoy a sunrise or sunrise at the top of Mount Batur is beautiful. But you have to get ready, because the climbing to be done in the early hours.

The aim is none other, so you can reach the summit at dawn so they can enjoy a panoramic sunrise (sunrise) from the top of Mount Batur.

Thanks to a vigorous campaign, is currently climbing has become a tourist mascot of Mount Batur. And not only climb to the summit of Mount Batur, lately there are many tourists who make tracking activity in the region. Tracking them to do by circling Lake Batur or Batur caldera.

Therefore, this activity is known as Tracking Batur caldera. This is the location of the most recent ascent, which is much more challenging than the previous location because the location along the ascent there are also a number of attractions, such as rock climbing and Hindus in Trunyan funeral.

Located about 64 kilometers northeast of Denpasar, and entered in the district of Kintamani, Bangli district. There are several versions of…

Enjoy a tour in the old town of Jakarta

City Tour - Jakarta not only as a business center in Indonesia, Jakarta was probably present the various attractions ranging from natural attractions, shopping and city tours to historic sites.

One of the famous tourist city is Jakarta city tour the old city. In the old city has a total area of ​​1.3 square kilometers across the North Jakarta and West Jakarta (Pinangsia, Taman Sari and Roa Malacca). The old town of Jakarta Tourism earned the nickname "Jewel of Asia" and "Queen of the East" in the 16th century by European voyagers, long ago the Old City has also been considered as a trade center for the continent of Asia due to its strategic location and abundant resources.

What makes this interesting Old Town's zoning, building, and that can make the culinary tourists who come to the nostalgic atmosphere of the past Jakarta, in Jakarta's old town has many clubs and community standing lovers of the old town where the community together to promote and maintai…