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White bias, "VIRGIN BEACH" in East Bali

One potential new tourism in Bali East Coast Bias White, the imaginatively named White Sand Beach is one place that really you should visit to spend a day or two. No hotels, no shops, quiet a few hawkers that will leave you alone if you want, and stalls selling delicious seafood and much more. This is a place for relaxation and enjoyment.

This is one of the most beautiful beaches in Bali. Located between Candidasa and Amlapura, the entrance to the beach is also hidden, unless you get specific information. One kilometer or more after the Village Bugbug, you will see a small sign that reads "Virgin Beach".

Then there are one or two kilometers to the beach with a still modest way, through some village temples lush and beautiful small, takes you to a place pembalian ticket costs Rp 5,000, - to enter this area. This beach is a local treasure and local communities need to develop the best.

A line of white sand leading to a bright blue sea. White umbrellas with the atmosphere of a…

"THE HOTEL TORAJA MISILIANA" enjoying the unique culture in south sulawesi

The Toraja Misiliana Hotel ....STAY at the hotel while enjoying the unique culture found at the Hotel Toraja  you can get at Hotel Toraja Misiliana.
Hotel is located in Jalan Pongtiku No. 27, Ludhiana, TanaToraja, South Sulawesi.

Hotel, established in 1980 is a local family owned Torajadan offers a very comfortable atmosphere so you will merasaseperti at home. Previous hotel has only five rooms, but now as many as 101 guest rooms are designed with a nuanced combination of international and traditional Toraja.

For Misiliana Toraja Hotel rooms are divided into several types, namely superior room, cottage rooms, junior suites, suites oresidental, and Toraja suites are designed specifically in the form of traditional Toraja house (tongkonan).

Each room has a spectacular view of beautiful gardens and panoramic views of the calm beach. The hotel's location in the center of Toraja make it easier to access using public transport. Hotel is also close to tourist resorts.

Hotel facilities, i…