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"RUMAH TURI SOLO"Lodging Nuanced culture of Java

Rumah Turi Solo.many elements found Javanese culture and art through a series of activities it offers. Even how to cook anything done tradisional.Letak hotel in the heart of Solo made Turi house attracted many tourists.

Racing from the stations can be reached with a time of 5 minutes, while from the airport 20 minutes. More can be found at the Boooking On Line.Ingin stay at a reduced price?

Rumah Turi Solo  is the first environmentally friendly hotel in Solo, Central Java, with a modern minimalist style. Hotels often luring travelers diverse, ranging from businessmen to backpackers through the atmosphere of comfort, safety, traditional environment, and the elegant style of the hotel building.

For those of you who are looking for a stopover and want to get closer to nature, art and culture can choose Java Oemah Turi Solo . You also could try to forge a new friendship between the members of other guests and hotel setempat.Kamar society is divided into three types, namely Citronella (8 r…

CULINARY COMFORT in Kemang Jakarta

If you're in Jakarta, hooked culinary cozy and classy, you should immediately walk to the Kemang Jakarta. Why Kemang? Kemang is a modern village in which scattered the types of cafes, restaurants, hotels, and the expatriates.

Kemang has a unique topography of the area in South Jakarta. The land is higher and hilly. Since the Dutch period, Kemang has become a place to stay influential people. Until now, many expatriates who inhabit the Kemang Jakarta started to become a modern city in 1999 by Governor's Decree No.140/1999 of Jakarta.

The decree was made, of course not because of the many expatriates who live Kemang area alone. Jakarta Governor Decree issued on them because of Kemang Jakarta has become a tourist spot, young and old, enjoy the entertainment in the evenings and during the day.

In the 90s began many established cafes in Kemang. Become increasingly light-benderanglah Kemang Jakarta until now. Cafes and restaurants are increasingly scattered as the exclusive arena ha…

"MAKEPUNG" Top Buffalo Racing in Jembrana BALI

When we hear the phrase: "Bull-Racing", perhaps our minds drift to-the island of Madura, famous for its "Karapan Cow". Apparently there are "Buffalo Racing" or "Buffalo Racing" is no less popular among the people of Bali, in particular the Western section, known as the "Makepung". It is understandable why people choose to race Bali buffalo than cattle, because the cow is an animal mounts used by the god Shiva and is considered a holy animal by Hindus. In Bali, particularly the Western section, around the city of the State, Makepung This is a traditional event performed several times per year, oddly enough this Makepung was not so popular for the other Bali section.

I visited kedesa Kaliakah, about 5 Kilometers from the State, to record the incident / event. This event is a pre-qualified for a major event, which won the Governor Cup. Implementation, in general, is to divide the group of villages, into 2 groups: Group North with Red cost…