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"KAMPUNG SUMBER ALAM INN"Specialty concept of natural resources

KAMPUNG SUMBER ALAM ...Lies the village of Natural Resources at the center of the tourist district Cipanas, Garut, precisely at the foot of Mount Guntur, environmentally sound and makes the resort has a high concern for the preservation of the natural surroundings.

A total of three dining facilities available at this resort, Ligarwangi Restaurant, Restaurant Tunjung Balebat, and Saung Emok Sunyaruri.Sempatkan yourself to sit back at the Coffee Shop's annual Sipa nuanced era 'antiquated'

. ENJOY typical service 'urang Sunda' at a traditional resort called the Village of Natural Resources were present as an inn ~ village concept "with the architectural style bungalow which stood on the Sunda pond (kolamikan) floating roof terrace roofed with.

Each bungalow is facilitated with a private bath and shower guests can enjoy a traditional manner while immersing yourself in water panasalam. The entire existing bungalow has a different interior, so visitors can choose as…

L'AVANT EXCELENT Restaurant At Le Grandeur Mangga Dua Jakarta

[JAKARTA] Le Grandeur Mangga Dua recently reopened one of the restaurant after a total renovation. The restaurant is named L'Avant is taken from the French meaning 'in front'. Consistent with the name L'Avant course will be a trend setter for the restaurant in its class.

Public Relations & Communications Manager Le Grandeur Mangga Dua said Evi Rumondang restaurant with a capacity of as many as 227 seats are designed with a very elegant and luxurious. Marble and parquet floors, the restaurant L'avant bring a different atmosphere in the room.

"The room is very spacious restaurant which is surrounded by glass that shows the outdoor view and the walls are dominated by a chic golden decorations. Almost on every desk there is a design classic chandelier. Chairs with minimalist design sofa wrapped in a cloth which was nominated by the maroon and gold, "he said in Jakarta, Tuesday (2/1).

L'Avant did not make the ceiling to the ceiling, but leave it open…


As the main areas in Southeast Asia, Jakarta has a remarkable level of occupancy the night life. Fits your taste and the young at heart and even more so for those of you who have budget surpluses. Most hotels in Jakarta have their own bar or Night Club discothegue, Karoeke, Cafe, and Live Music. Jakarta is one of a very solid place in the world that has a disco and cafe. Do not believe? ... Just look at some of this in Jakarta.

Night Club

Entertainments - Night Clubs
Gajah Mada Plaza 4th & 5th Floor 19-26 Central Jakarta

Entertainments - Night Clubs
Ancol Dreamland, Jl. Lodan V/16 North East Jakarta

Entertainments - Night Clubs
Plaza Hayam Wuruk I, 4th Floor West Jakarta

Entertainments - Night Clubs
Jl. Mayflower Jakarta Raya No.91/DE West Jakarta

Clubs Asemka
Entertainments - Night Clubs
Jl. Asemka 1-5 West Jakarta

Entertainments - Night Clubs
Jl. Hayam Wuruk No.1001 West Jakarta

Entertainments - Night…