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COCOTINOS MANADO INDONESIA Enjoy dinner under the light of the stars

COCOTINOS Manado Indonesia
Enjoy dinner under the light of the stars in Deho Bar & Restaurant which serves local and international cuisine. If you want to rejuvenate yourself by relaxing the body and mind, come to Leleina Spa that offers a variety of massage options and special packages.

COCOTINOS Manado  is a resort on the beach, exactly in the village of Kima Bajo, North Minahasa, a stretch of scenery leads to the Bunaken Marine Park. Adjacent to the Sam Ratulangi International Airport and has a lot of access to kawasam dives in Bunaken Marine Park is made up of islands such as Bunaken, Siladen, Nain, Montehage and Manado Tua.

Although the design of the building is simple, modern shades COCOTINOS Manado . Room resort consists of several types, ie, Garden Rooms, Garden Rooms with full Pool & Ocean View, Waters Edge Room, as well as posi-Posi & Kano-Kano Suites.

Some lodging facilities include swimming pool, WiFi, Scuba Dive Centre, a library with various books and magazine…

BLUEGRASS, Gress Hangout Places in Jakarta

Resto is a new hangout spot is classified as citizens of Jakarta. Place in the city center plus the longest bar in Jakarta make it is always crowded.

Blueglass reputedly has the longest bar in Jakarta. 24 meter long bar is open every day until 2 am.

If you do not want to enjoy foods that are too heavy. Sampler menu could be an option. The menu can be combined chicken wings, veal sausage, salmon, grilled chicken, etc..

Bluegrass consists of outdoor and indoor areas. Guaranteed place cozy and perfect for sitting for long. But that gets a seat, reservations are highly recommended.

Bored with fries or mashed potato, yam can order a soft and sweet. Guaranteed healthy and filling.

Those who want to try just nyemil Nachos topping consisting of this abundance. These nachos are given a topping of chopped beef, sliced ​​fresh tomatoes, onions and jalapeno slices that give slightly spicy accent. Finally, nachos covered with melted mozzarella and smoked cheddar cheese is bright yellow.