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WHEN traveling to Solo, The Sunan Hotel Solo Maybe it could be the best option weeks to you as a haven. Hotel gave the various services of international standard are equipped with supporting facilities. There are also special facilities for the businessman.

Enjoy fine dining in the Restaurant & Bar Dining Narendra Indo Asia that serve a variety of dishes typical of Indonesia, western and Chinese.

To spend your evening, come to Royal Expresso Coffee & Tea Lounge, Lounge & Wine Shop Embasy, or Royal Delicatessen serve a variety of cakes, snacks, ice cream, candy, yogurt, biscuits and other snacks.

The total number of The Sunan Hotel Solo rooms is 128 rooms and is divided into several types, namely a President Room, 2 Room Suite, 8 Junior Suite Room, 14 Executive Business Rooms and 103 Deluxe Room. Each room is facilitated air-conditioning, mini bar, hair dryer, water heater, telephone, satellite TV, and other facilities.

To spend your evening, come to Royal Expresso Coffee …

E-Bar, New Hangout Places in North Jakarta

One more new hangout place opened in north Jakarta. A comfortable atmosphere with a wide selection of beverages. With the design concept of 'urban & chic', the place is ready to spoil people in Jakarta who want to relax.

Talking about the hangout place, generally our eyes often fixed on the southern or central Jakarta. Various cafes, bars, restaurants, and pubs are not difficult to find. But for those who live in the north and the surrounding area, the number of typical urban socializing can be counted on the fingers.

In addition, the Jakarta traffic congestion makes people lazy to travel far. This increases the need for a means to socialize and relax close to where the activity or residence.

?-Bar was born to answer those needs. Bistro-Pub-Caf? located at Pantai Indah Kapuk This can be where you gather with family, friends, or business associates.

As the name implies,?-Bar serves drinks more than food. For fans of alcoholic beverages, try firey?. This is the flaming seed?…