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"RAGUNAN ZOO" famous tourist attractions in south jakarta

Want a happy child on the holidays? Surely every parent already has such a desire. Moreover, year-end holiday moment, the long-awaited moment with the children. For a lot of money anyway, no problemo .... okay well where are you going ... But for those who just "do not have much money", heheheh "enough to pay off the house", "enough to pay off the school" should .... 2-3x thinkers to choose a vacation spot that "ngepas" also in the bag.

Try deh read my review, once wrote could be a reference for a cheap holiday. This place is really suitable for kids who love to run, running around, and is guaranteed to go home to sleep pules because of fatigue.

This resort is located in South Jakarta, precisely in Ragunan. Yup, me again .... bener really a story about Ragunan Zoo. Because it is quite far from my house, our family agreed to go in the morning. At 6 right, the kids are ready, supplies were transported live dah. 6:15 hours left for us as a family with a blue bird taxi fleet. It seems that the morning traffic is still friends with us, or because it is still in holiday mood ... so roll the streets, until we finally arrived at Ragunan at 7.15. That morning, Ragunan still quiet. Only a handful of passers-by jogging and cycling. The traders were still covered with a tarp wares. Hiks, I think we are too early .... lest loketnya also not yet open. Huaaaa, shame deh .... cook wants to wake up the "Jennifer" .... xixixiix Up at the counter, the officer was still breakfast. But eventually, he left the breakfast and serve our ticket purchase. We bought tickets for Rp. 4000/org. Entrance gate, the officer who usually have not seen any tearing tickets. The first enclosure we were greeted Flaminggo bird cages, bird tables if it's in the cartoon movie to be builders of Post. A beautiful cage, making our narcissism appeared, the photographs used to deh front of the cage ....

The journey continues to the camel bird cage, still morning, the owner of the home was still lurking. Down the sidewalk, we are guided by the signs of animals. Finally got home to see you at the most, behold .... What?? hehehe, Elephant. Children are very happy to see elephants up close, although it can not hold.

Of the cage the elephant, we headed home Schmutzer primates. Here, we see various species of primates. Starting from the marmoset monkey who likes to play, until the big gorilla. The children seem happy and enjoy, although sometimes scared too, because the atmosphere .... ehmm ... very forest.
Out of Schmutzer Primate House, we take a break. Because it was tired of walking, but still want to get around the cage ... finally we decided to take a train tour around. Ticket price Rp. 6000/org all the way around the zoo.

Satisfied around, we had lunch in the park. The park is lush and spacious enough, very fit for children to play ball or just running around. Do not worry if not forget to bring tiker, for inside or outside bonbin, many merchants are offering a cushion of thick pieces of paper sacks and a neatly stitched and glued. The price is not expensive, only Rp. 5000 for each sheet size of 1 m x 1 m. Suffice it to just sit down and put lesehan lunch.

But one drawback of this resort is less well maintained toilet ..... so if anyone needs to go to the toilet, be prepared with a mask and a dime well ...