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"Jalan Batik (Road Batik)" Jakarta Tourism Object pride

"Jalan Batik (Road Batik)" Jakarta Tourism Object pride: "Jakarta is the capital. Everyone knows that. Including the Ministry of Public Works that I know of in charge and responsible for the care of the country's infrastructure. Includes highway, of course.

Speaking of the highway, I proudly born and lives in Jakarta. Ubiquitous potholes. If there are no holes, then filling the hole is found boxes and staircase steps. Strewn across every inch of the way irregular.

I call it street batik. That is the road paved with batik style terraces round box. The pattern derived from asphalt to patch the holes earlier. To sweeten the gingham staircase steps, in some corner of batik is given a touch of tiny holes. There is nothing in the shallow. Then after a long time will enlarge the hole to be patched and then join such other holes.

And this could be a potential new tourism in the city. "