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"MAKEPUNG" Top Buffalo Racing in Jembrana BALI

When we hear the phrase: "Bull-Racing", perhaps our minds drift to-the island of Madura, famous for its "Karapan Cow". Apparently there are "Buffalo Racing" or "Buffalo Racing" is no less popular among the people of Bali, in particular the Western section, known as the "Makepung". It is understandable why people choose to race Bali buffalo than cattle, because the cow is an animal mounts used by the god Shiva and is considered a holy animal by Hindus. In Bali, particularly the Western section, around the city of the State, Makepung This is a traditional event performed several times per year, oddly enough this Makepung was not so popular for the other Bali section.

I visited kedesa Kaliakah, about 5 Kilometers from the State, to record the incident / event. This event is a pre-qualified for a major event, which won the Governor Cup. Implementation, in general, is to divide the group of villages, into 2 groups: Group North with Red costumes and costume Green South Group.

The day before the event, the arena was packed with Makepung pelomba from various villages, to bring their buffalos the best. I never saw so many buffalo in one place as I saw this Mekepung diarea. Buffaloes are kept and treated like an athlete's best. That said, before the race, buffaloes are given special food menu, full of herbs that produce extra energy. Apparently the "doping" is not a forbidden thing this arena :)

Those who are able, bring in their buffalos with trucks, while the less able, to walk quite a distance from their villages and chariots drawn by using a motorcycle taxi. At night, the atmosphere is like a "Market Night", characterized by a variety of products, both food and attractions of the stage with music that sting and certainly do not miss the alcoholic beverages.

Before dawn, the owner of the buffalo to be diperlombakan, making arrangements with certain rituals and their buffaloes decorated with accessories, colorful accessories. Apparently Team Buffalo also has the names of quite exotic, such as: Wiro Sableng, Juwita Night and others.

For the Balinese, there is not anything out of the "ritual" and "Sajen", as well as Makepung this arena, can be witnessed people putting Sajen Sajen, in many places, like the corners of death and especially in the "Start and Finish ".

I always respect all the cultural events of various regions, ethnic groups or nations, but at this Makepung event, as an animal lover, I was somewhat disturbed. Although buffaloes were treated like an athlete in the daily maintenance, but in the event the way the jockeys spur buffalos were somewhat exaggerated even be said to be sadistic. Buffaloes was beaten with a stick wrapped with nails them hard, causing injuries to the buffaloes. Some tourist from the Netherlands who saw Makepung, closed their eyes and leave the arena, probably because it can not bear to see how it is treated buffaloes.

I appeal to the event organizer Makepung and whatever race or animals, to impose a strict regulation on the treatment of these animals diperlombakan. As in every race, there are winners and some losers, but at this Makepung event, it was "The Bad Loser" seems to get the most rousing applause from the audience.