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Kuta beach, the Hidden Beauty of Nature on the island of Lombok

Most of the people of Indonesia and even abroad only know the Kuta Beach on the island of Bali. Every time people hear the word "Kuta Beach", most of them focused directly on Kuta Beach in Bali.

Not many know that the island of Lombok also has a beach with the same name, the Kuta Beach. Beach with a view of beauty beyond Kuta Beach in Bali. Pantai Kuta, Lombok is still natural and the number of tourists who go there not as busy pelesiran Kuta Beach, Bali.

This beach has white sand with water a blue green shades produced by the underwater habitat preservation is still very awake. Natural feel with rows of beautiful hills and rocks with incredible carvings stunning blend of nature into a very harmonious. However, the beauty of this beach should be tarnished because of the garbage that littered the sea pasrir white beaches.

Kuta beach, Kuta Lombok is located in the village, Central Lombok. To reach this beach does require quite a long time if we stay in the area of ​​Senggigi. The distance between Mataram-Kuta beach about 70 km. The fact that there is no public transportation to this beach exacerbated the far distance. Therefore, the tourists who want to see the natural beauty of Kuta Beach to rent your own vehicle if you want to go to this beach.

The location is quite far from other tourist areas such transport conditions and the beach is muddy conditions make reluctant tourists visit this beach, so the number of tourists on the beach is relatively small. When visiting the beach, I see the majority of visitors are domestic tourists.

On the issue of accommodation, your visitors have no need to worry anymore. Later had a lot of built accommodation places around the beach so if you do not want to spend a long commute, you can take an alternative to staying at the hotel around the coast.

Besides the natural beauty that can be enjoyed in the village, every year, around February to March Sasak village held a ceremony. Kuta village community used to call it the smell Nyale ceremony.

In this ceremony Nyale sailors looking for worms in the sea. Nyale worm is a type of marine worm, amounting to billions, appears once a year, and only in Kuta Beach. That said, the worm Nyale is the embodiment of the hair of a beautiful daughter named Nan Princess Mandalika. Because of the beauty of the princess became seizure of the Prince and the young to marry. Because he can not make a decision, then he plunged into the sea after being promised that he would come back once a year.

If you visit this beach, do not be surprised children souvenir sellers will continue to follow you. They are very aggressive (even as force) seemed never tired of offering their wares to the tourists who visit this beach. If you have bought merchandise of a child, then a bunch of other little kids will swarm you and hope that their merchandise is also purchased.

Tips to enjoy the journey away from Mataran to Kuta Beach, you can slow down due to watching the lives of rural communities and custom homes Sasak tribe with interesting architecture can be a unique landscape. During the trip, we also make a stop to buy souvenirs in the form of songket cloth, the weaving community Sasak tribe.

Explore something that not many people see can give something very valuable. And, a trip to Kuta beach can provide a fun new experience in the travel stories.