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MOST FAMOUS Bar in Jakarta: 10 Excellent Routes

Jakarta Night, as I described in past content (Jakarta Night lifestyle Tips), is best experienced if you find out a few locations on the same night time, and it is more suitable if those are near to each other (to prevent traffic). If you don't know Jakarta very well, I provide you with below 10 excellent bar-hopping tracks. Some are well-known, some are trendy, some are filthy, and some are still untouched... Anyway, adhere to one of them and I assurance you an excellent time!

Blok M - For the Beginner
Difficulty: Simple, but be cautious when you depart Jalan Falatehan, most cabs will overcharge you.
Transportation: Going for walks only
Places to see: D's Position, Patient, My Bar, Oscar, Freeway to Elle, Top Gun, Maxi outfit, Everest
Highlights: Busy highway lifestyle on Jalan Falatehan, with a mix of beggars, hookers and bogus pink chicken taxis; Key backroom in D's, Remain team in Top Gun

Don't appear too overdue and turn into hydrated beforehand. Start at 8pm, during the weeks time (Wednesday or Thursday), with the cafes that are in the end of the highway (Oscar and Maxi). After a few alcohol in those abandoned joint parts, check out My Bar, Freeway to Elle and D's Position, have a stop in The tallest mountain and Patient, then complete in Top Gun.

Jalan Jaksa - For the Tourist
Difficulty: Simple
Transportation: Going for walks only
Places to see: Dyna Pub, Domares, Embassy Twenty-first, Melly's Garden, Ocha & Jacob dark-colored, Obama Bar, Pappa Consuming place, Ali's Bar, Venus, Mixture and Buddies, Equivalent Recreation area, Memories
Highlights: Remain companies in Equivalent Recreation area and Remembrances Café; Inexpensive beers; Helpful backpackers; Street food; Communicating with Paula, operator of Dyna Pub; Ladyboy distinguishing on Jalan Wahid Hasyim

The platform go camping for the Jalan Jaksa pathway is actually on Jalan Wahid Hasyim: Dyna Pub, which has been around for age range, is not swarmed but it is pittoresque. After that, you can have a quick look at Domares, 20 measures from it, and Embassy Twenty-first (in front side of Akhmani hotel). This cafes are far from occurring, but they are exciting because you will listen to live companies enjoying old Indonesian favorites. On your way to Jalan Jaksa, you will see Melly's Garden on your eventually left, with a awesome audience of youthful Indonesians, but avoiding is optionally available.

Further eastern, at the traversing between Jalan Jaksa and Jalan Wahid Hasyim, you may quit in D'Consulate, a living room well-known with arabs. The stylish "Ocha & Bella" in Morrissey Resort is popular too if you want to satisfy some greater category Indonesians.

In Jalan Jaksa, most quick paced locations are placed around Margot Hotel: 3 cafes should be on your to-do list: Equivalent Recreation area, Remembrances Consuming place, and Mixture and Buddies. If you still sufficient and/or need a consume, you may go to Ali's Bar, Venus, Obama Bar, and Pappa's Coffee shop.

The Jalan Jaksa vacation can be performed any day of the weeks time.

Kemang - For the below 21
Difficulty: Simple. Many locations have a First Drink Cost (FDC).
Transportation: Going for walks, but if you take a cab for a few shorter trips, you can increase to some awesome cafes.
Places to see: Within the "walking range perimeter": Eco 365, Monaco, Shoulder area, Tipsy, The Natural, Attics, Nu Chinese suppliers, 999. Optional, with a car: SHY, Beer Garden, Bremer, Southern Guarantee, Location (all of these to start the evening), SF Team and Bar code (for club bing, on weekends), Dim Sum Celebration (to near the night)
Highlights: The irrespirable environment in bbq Tipsy; Reading digital songs until you become deaf; Looking at the Indonesian younger generation getting killed.

You should do this path on saturdays and sundays since the organizations might be clear on mondays to fridays. There is a vivid ambiance in Kemang, but one place has such an increased attention of cafes and organizations that you may invest a whole night time there without getting a cab. You could adhere to this trail:
Start meals in Shoulder area at somewhere around 10pm. At 11pm, shift about 200 measures to the right, and go to Eco 365 near Aksara. Presently it should still be tranquil and "loungy", so don't think twice to have at least a several liquids. Around night time, shift to Tipsy, which should be already loaded with learners. If you cannot take a position the smoking, go to Monaco, then go for Attics, Nu Chinese suppliers, and complete in 999. Those locations usually near around 4am.

Senayan: "Hookers and Socialites"
Difficulty: Average. Costly, you will have to pay at least Rp500,000 in entry charges. Dress appropriately: No T-Shirts or split bluejeans.
Transportation: Going for walks + Car
Places to see: Partnership, Red Rectangle, X2, Website, Portico, CJs. Optional: Hyu, Black Cat, Hacienda, KTV Boutique
Highlights: One of the best bar browsing pathway in Jakarta because of the variety of the wildlife you will experience.

Start with a karaoke in Hyu or KTV Store (optional), then have a consume in Partnership, or however Portico. At 11pm, go to Resort Mulia with a car (5 min ride) and live in CJs until 1am. Then go to Website (5min with cab) until 2.30am, then Red Rectangle (walking 10 min or with cab, 3 min) and at last X2 (just before side of Red Square) which shuts at 5am. In the same place, if you need more cafes to heated up, you may check out Hacienda or Black Cat in Senayan Arcadia.

Sudirman to Hayam Wuruk: "From One Community to Another"
Difficulty: Average, once in the Northern, you should be cautious with cabs. Ladies should outfit with top and greater heel shoes if you strategy on going to Immigrant.
Transportation: Mostly by car
Places to be seen: Experience Bar, Sociable House, Paulaner Brauhaus, Challenging Stone Coffee shop, Immigrant, Malio, Century, Stadium
Highlights: Very exciting path as it requires you from some of the hippest cafes in Jakarta to some of the toughest locations the town has to provide.
Start in a stylish venue such as Facebar or Sociable House, ideal to heated up. At 11pm, go to Paulaner Brauhaus or Challenging Stone Coffee shop to savor live songs. At 00.30am, Immigrant should start being quick paced... You can remain an time or two because organizations in Northern Jakarta stay start very overdue. Before 3am though, go to Malio Team (not Malioboro Spa). Warning: This is a location with "sexy dancers" so anyone may not experience within. Malio shuts at 4am, so after that you should go to Century, only 300 measures from there. If you take a cab, try to get a Glowing blue Bird or Ekspress, or pay Rp20,000 without hargometer.

Millennium is exciting because it is one of the biggest disco in Jakarta, with an amazingly noisy stereo audio. In the club, ask for the area with "western music" (music barat). When you're tired of Century, and based on a lot of time (if it is before 5am), you may still have the opportunity to check out a few locations such as Illigals, Monggo Mas (scary), ML Disco (even scarier). There is also the very crazy Mandarin performing corridor De Volvo.

Stadium always shuts very overdue (and it doesn't near at all on Sundays), so it is where to complete your path.

Lokasari-Glodok-Mangga Besar: "Holy Sh*t! Where Am I?"
Difficulty: Challenging. You need to experience assured viewing club with almost no outsiders, complete of medication and hookers, sometimes filthy, dark-colored and trashy. You will also need simply to shift at night in a reputedly dangerous place to go from one spot to another and/or to find excellent cabs.
Transport: Going for walks + Car
Places to see: Amazing Title, Quotes 2000, Precious stone, Sun City, Team 36, Incredibly, Nuansa Permai, Siera, Exotis, Mille's, Mn'B
Highlights: Most locations you can find are amazing and are best parts of their own.

You can focus on a consume in the lounges of Initiates Resort (Mn'B) or Amazing Title at 9pm on almost any night time. It is Northern Jakarta so anticipate some performers between smashes. At 11pm, shift to Quotes 2000 (walking range from Amazing Title, 5 min cab vacation from Sparks). Quotes 2000 is very much terrible on the planet, and its handle is the "ectasy factory": It will be so dark-colored and noisy that you won't stay more than 10 moments. Once done, you can shift 5 moments to Precious stone Team, where you have live songs again, and a lot of operating girls.

More fun, Sun City is value investing at least an time, from night time to 1am. Many outsiders from other China there, and a fun environment most of a lot of time. Don't stay very lengthy though because you still need to check out 2 very regional amusement venues: Incredibly Team and Nuansa Permai, both on Jalan Labu, to where you can just shift from Sun City. These locations are a bit old-fashioned, but very friendly: Do not think twice to take the mic and perform some dangdut. When they near, you can live in Jalan Labu and check out one of Jakarta nightlife's icons: The Team 36. This coyote bar functions attractive performers non-stop the whole night time until 5am, and it is always energetic and swarmed.

After such easy fun, you're prepared for more serious stuff: Look at the traversing between Jalan Mangga Besar and Jalan Hayam Wuruk and ask for a club known as "Siera". Residents should know about it (my evaluation about Siera is not on the internet yet). If you are walking, it should not take you more than 10 moments from Team 36. It is a terrible disco, with at least 500 individuals greater on medication within. Carry a torchlight because it is difficult to see even your side. Once you are out of Siera, if you want to see another club just like that, you can take a cab and go to "Exotis" (less than 5min). If not, then go to Mille's, the best night club for afters in Jakarta. Mille's hardly ever shuts, so you're totally able to celebration there permanently.

Pen-J: The Blok M of Northern Jakarta
Difficulty: Method (Hard to find, very regional, mostly bad taxis)
Transport: Going for walks only
Places to see: Sari Ayu, DV, LA bar, Astro, Noble, M Karaoke, MTR Club
Highlights: For those who wish to experience Indonesian-style men amusement.

I must say I went to Pen-J only to take images from outside the cafes, so it still needs to be researched. From what I could comprehend, many of these locations have live songs or club songs with operating girls, and some locations in the. Once you look for the highway with all the cafes, it is quite simple to go from one spot to the other by base. Here are some photographs I took in September 2011:
Astro Rub and Bar

Pen-J is not simple to find: You need to go to the major highway, Jalan Pangeran-Jayakarta, in Northern Jakarta, and from there you should ask about the locations described above.

Mega Kuningan: Fulfill some other expatriates
Difficulty: Simple
Transport: Mostly by car with some walking if you know your way around
Places to see: Activities Coffee shop, Tempus (ex-Mistere), Loewy, Cazbar, Poste, Blu Martini, Apollo (Gay)
Highlight: Prevent the visitors.

Mega Kuningan is a bit like an area separated from the continent: Because of the insane visitors on Jalan Gatot Subroto and Jalan Casablanca, it is almost difficult to get out of it (or into it) at prime time. So if you're trapped there, fortunately that you'll find out a reasonable variety of consuming choices. It never gets insane though, but it is always friendly and ideal to satisfy other retirees.

I would start the night time with Activities Coffee shop, with its fun audience of frequent individuals, for a variety of soft liquids at 6pm. Then check out Cazbar at 8pm because they will often have activities, and if not you can always perform share. Not later than 10pm, go to Poste (optional) or Blu Martini (optional) only if you are inquisitive. If you want to satisfy other individuals, then go for Loewy, socialize there, and take the whole team to Tempus (Ritz-Carlton) to savor the live team. There is also an excellent karaoke in Ritz-Carlton. At last, when the whole troop is consumed, go to Apollo, the most well-known gay club in Jakarta. When you're done, there shouldn't be much visitors, enabling you to go again home quick.

Little Tokyo: The European Karaoke Experience
Difficulty: Simple, once you've discovered Jalan Melawai VII, near Blok M, Southern region Jakarta
Transport: Going for walks only
Places to see: Tokishirazu, Flamingo, Geisha, Jawa-Jawa, Himeragi, U-Zou, Cantik Jakarta, Chameleon, Team J, Don Sancho, Genji, Gokurakucho, Junko, M21 Worldwide Team, Maimu, Matsuri, Mitsubachi, Q-RI, Facilities 21, USA-G1, Yujiro, ZII (all the European karaoke in Jakarta available here)
Highlights: More than the karaoke, the weather of the highway is very crazy with all the European symptoms and clients. You should also try the European dining establishments of the place such as Aji Hara, among the best in Jakarta.

The issue with Little Seattle is that if you are not considering karaoke, you will get very tired since there isn't a pub or a living room. If you do like karaoke, you can probably do a 24-hour karaoke workshop in Jalan Melawai, modifying locations every time.
Indo girls in European dress-up costume in Blok M

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